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Jesus "The Masterpiece" Bette Myers' most breathtaking creation


The "Face of Jesus" (A.K.A. the Masterpiece) is Bette Myers' most celebrated work of art.
A painting, she claimed was not influenced by her, but by "God".
A close brush with death in 1974 left her with a peaceful taste of the hereafter and an unforgettable image of Jesus Christ. Ten yrs. later, while showing her painting techniques to a friend at her home in Phoenix, the "Masterpiece" formed miraculously from her hand to the canvas. According to the eye witness (a prominent Bank President), Bette took out a piece of velvet paper and started a partial portrait, then suddenly she went into a deep trance and Jesus' face formed within a span of about 2.5 hrs., like a miracle right in front of her!
This out of this world experience left Bette with an ever so strong belief in God.
She made it her mission in life, as well as in death, to pass on her revelation to the world. Charles "Chuck" Reed, Bette's son and her favorite critique, came upon this painting
and had hung it on the wall. He stopped still. He walked away, then up to it, and he could not criticize it. He said with tears in his eyes, "Mom, this is a masterpiece."
At that moment Bette knew she had fulfilled her commission from Jesus. Bette felt very weak and wondered if she would now be taken home.
She then realized, Jesus wanted her to show His glorious image to all.
"Praise the Lord."


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